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Become a PAWA reseller tomorrow. Download the PAWA App today. 

Order products. Set your own price. Get products to your desired location. 

Note: PAWA App 2.0 now in testing. Sign up with your mobile number and we will send it to you once it goes ‘live’.

Available Feb 2020

Business for Alex

Alex was our Sales & Marketing Manager in Kenya. He took our orders on what to do. Then we discovered he knows far more about the market than us. Now Alex makes more money and impact as a PAWA reseller. Because he has PAWA in his hands. And so can you.

PAWA in your hands

Order Pawa products

Fast and easy order of PAWA products from your smartphone.

Pay how you like

Pay by M-Pesa in the APP or choose PAWA Pulse for cheaper and faster mobile payment

Select pickup place

Chose location for pickup of your PAWA products. And get confirmation on date of delivery.

Become a reseller

No investment. No credit check. No promises. Just opportunity.

Find customers

Take preorders through the PAWA App. Decide on a price (yes, you can add a markup). Customers pay in the App.

Deliver to customers

PAWA products arrive. And you take products to happy customers. And sell more.

PAWA is growing

PAWA seeks working capital to deliver more products to meet market demand and now partners with investors that share our passion for impact and returns.

An IPO is targeted in 2022/23 under UBS Investment Bank London management.

Want to invest with us? Contact us or Igor Sorokin, Head of EMEA credit and financing structuring at UBS.

PAWA democratises energy with its free to use moneymaking pocket-sized solar power modules for rural off-grid markets. Designed with Kenyans. Made in Norway. Better than Swiss. Cheaper than China.

PAWA is a Moonwalk Impact Company.

Last share price NOK14 on 15 Aug’19